Saturday, July 14, 2012

20Trees Apartment Floor Plans

UPDATE - Just realized a typo in the start date of this blog. Updated in red below.

It just dawned on me that I've never really written much about the site plan and floor plans of 20Trees. Specifically, the Apartments. After all, this blog was named after 20Trees. Think of this posting as the buyers guide to 20Trees Apartments. You know what they say .... better late than never.

Coincidentally, the blog has just reached 50,000 page views this Saturday morning (counting from June 2008 April 2010) and 936 955 unique visitors (counting only from June 2012). If you're wondering why there is a 2 year gap between the 2 metrics, the reason is actually quite simple. I did not realize there was a way (using Google Analytics) of tracking unique visitors (i.e. a unique individual person visiting this blog) until June 2012. Ok, ok, I admit, I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer :-) But then again, who is ?

So, what do these numbers mean ? Where do we go from here ? Does the Higgs / "god" particle really exist ? Since, I really don't know the answer to any of the above questions, I guess we'll take it one day at a time and play it by ear :-)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch - Let's begin our tour of the site plan and floor plan of 20Trees Apartments.
Shown below is the Site / Master Plan for 20Trees. It's 23 acres in size (20Trees, get it ?) and all the road names in the development start with Jalan 203x. No coincidence, I'm sure. It's a triangle-ish plot of land with the bottom part of the triangle on the higher terrain which slopes progressively lower as it reaches the clubhouse (the top point of the triangle).

The entire development is made up of 118 units of Apartments and 83 units of Residences (i.e. Landed). There are 11 Apartment blocks (AP1 to AP11) facing the clubhouse. The Residences (landed) are at the back of the Apartments and hence, on a higher terrain.

Do you know why it's called 20Trees ? There's obviously more than 20 trees in this development, so that's certainly not it. It's because the architect designed 20 different, unique environments scattered within (technically, there's one environment outside) the development. Maybe, we'll cover that in a different post some day.

Site Plan of 20Trees.
I'll focus on the Apartment blocks for this posting and keep the residences for a future post. The next photo shows the 11 Apartment blocks and the different levels for each block.

Do note that each apartment block is unique - in terms of number of levels, some with ground level parking underneath the block and some without, some with garden units and some without. There are also 2 access card entrances into each block - one from the front and one from the rear. The entrance from the rear of the block is also unique to each block as the terrain determines which level it is. You'll know what I mean when you visit 20Trees.

Blocks 7 (AP7) to Blocks 11 (AP11) are the closest to the clubhouse and are considered the preferred blocks as they have an unblocked view of the clubhouse and the quartz ridge. Do note however, that this applies only if the units are on higher floors. Lower level units might have their views partially blocked (or in some cases, completely blocked) by the clubhouse, the look out point, trees external car park roofs, refuse room, etc.

Blocks 1 (AP1) to Blocks 6 (AP6) are located at the back of AP7 to AP11. Most units will have a view of the rear of AP7 to AP11 and a side view of the quartz ridge. Some units have a better view than others. When I say "others", I am also counting the units in AP7 to AP11.

Either way, you WILL have to view the unit for yourself to see if you can live with the view from your living and dining room, regardless of the block. Obviously, the units with unblocked views will ask for premium pricing.

One of the nice design features for the apartments is that all units (except Garden and Penthouse units) have 2 balconies at the rear of the apartments. You'll see it in the floor plans further down. Some of the rear balconies face a spacious common garden and some units are a little too close to the retaining wall. The good part about all of this is that no 2 units are alike as all the apartment blocks are built into the terrain and hence, have different "personalities" depending on which block / unit you choose. Again, you WILL have to see for yourself and decide if it's a deal breaker or if you really like the "personality".

20Trees 11 Apartment Blocks

Let's look at the floor plans for the apartments. Essentially, there are 4 different layouts.

1) Garden Unit (C4)
  • Build Up - 1790 sf
  • 3 + 1 rooms
  • 3 entrances - 1 from the front garden (no access card needed), 1 from the Main door and 1 from the Kitchen door.
  •  No private lift lobby and smaller wet kitchen unlike the Single Units (C1) and Duplex Units (C2)
  • Garden area in front of the unit in lieu of a balcony (small strip) and Garden area at the back of the unit (wider, depending on which block)
  • Living and Dining area is smaller compared to Mid-Level units (C3) and Single units (C1).
  • Less privacy as front of unit faces the road (brighter) and for some units, a sheltered external car park. (darker and less sunlight in the living and dining area)
  • Limited view from living and dining looking out, although I've noticed an exception for 1 particular unit.
  • Rear garden is spacious and allows owners to landscape an outdoor garden just like a landed property.
  • Rear garden also great for hanging laundry without upsetting your neighbors.

2) Mid-Level Unit (C3)

  • Build Up - 1854 sf
  • 3 + 1 rooms
  • 2 entrances - 1 from the Main door and 1 from the Kitchen door.
  • No private lift lobby and smaller wet kitchens unlike the Single Units (C1) and Duplex Units (C2)
  • Living and Dining area is larger compared to Garden Units (C4). Same size as Single Units (C1)

3) Single Unit (C1)
  • Build Up - 1948 sf
  • 3 + 1 rooms
  • 2 entrances - 1 from the Private Lift Lobby and 1 from the Kitchen door.
  • Comes with a private lift lobby and a larger wet kitchen than the Garden Units (C4) or the Mid-level Units (C3)
  • Living and Dining area is larger compared to Garden Units (C4). Same size as Mid-level Units (C1)

4) Duplex Unit (C2)
  • Build Up - 3556 sf
  • 4 + 1 + 1 rooms
  • 3 entrances - 1 from the Private Lift Lobby, 1 from the Kitchen door and 1 more from 2nd floor.
  • Comes with a private lift lobby and a larger wet kitchen than the Garden Units (C4) or the Mid-level Units (C3)
  • Living and Dining area is the largest among all the designs. However, the 4 panel sliding door is split into 2 parts - 3 panel and 1 panel.
  • Balcony on 1st floor of duplex stretches almost the width of the apartment. This design also has a huge balcony on the 2nd floor of the duplex. There is also an additional balcony at the rear of this unit on the 2nd floor.
  • You can probably install your Astro Byond black dish with additional wiring on your 2nd floor balcony, surrounded by some potted plants. The rest of the apartments get only the standard definition Astro, by default.

By far, the duplex is my favorite layout for 3 reasons, the extra large living and dining area, the super large balcony on the 2nd floor and the views from the penthouse. Do note, that monthly maintenance is at least twice as much compared to the other units.

If you're looking to buy a unit in 20Trees and have questions, do drop me an email. Have a great weekend !


  1. Hi. Thanks for the good summary. But price range not mentioned. :-( What is the average selling price there. With view n no view.
    Plz email me. Tq.

    1. Hi. Will drop you an email later today.

  2. Hi. Thanks for all the info. Kindly drop me an email too regarding the prices. TQ. - Ting

  3. Hi would like the selling pricetoo n how many units left? Email Tq

    1. Hi. Apologies for the late reply. All units for apartment sold out by SDB. Its currently about RM500psf.

      However, there are 5 units of 20trees landed property left from SDB. If you're interested let me know and we can split the commission 50/50 :-) as SDB is trying to sell the last 5 units off. BTW, the commission is very lucrative :-)